Technology with a Human Touch

Technology exists because of human innovation.

It’s a simple truth but it encapsulates one of our core beliefs at Insight Investments: that the human touch in every technology profoundly matters.

In 2017, we have an expansive perspective on what “technology” means. Most people immediately think of the digital and the virtual: smart phones, computer screens, motherboards, and androids. But at the heart of every good technology there is human ingenuity. After all, technologies exist to make our lives easier, stronger, faster, more fun, more interesting, and more beautiful. The desire to make lives better drives so much of our technological innovation, whether we’re talking about the simplest of technologies, like a cup for water, or the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world.

It’s easy to forget that, beneath all the data and numbers, humanity resides in technology. Many people say that technology distances us from each other—that it causes gulfs of separation and communication problems. But if we look to the humanity in our devices, tools, and technologies, we might discover something else. In many ways, technology reveals our most basic needs and desires of our world: why else would we have wheels if not to move a little faster with a little less burden on our shoulders? Why design a tablet if not to make computer interfaces a little more intuitive?

We’re on a quest to not only locate but understand the human side of technology. Why is that important? Because when we understand why we innovate, sometimes it changes how we innovate—and knowing that can change the world.

At Insight Investments, we’re devoted to thinking about, writing about, and sharing ideas about the technologies that keep our company connected to our world, our employees, and our customers. On this blog, we’ll highlight every aspect of the human-side of technology: from the people behind-the-scenes who inspire innovation to those who strive daily to make new connections and continue to give technology a human touch.

Check back in soon to see how we find the human beneath the machine, and uncover the human touch at the heart of every technology.

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