Insight Investments Celebrating 30 Years in Business

By John Ford, CEO, Insight Investments

This year marks Insight’s 30th year in business. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on this significant achievement, because only in looking back, can we truly see how far we’ve come.

On the surface, 1987 was not an ideal time to launch an equipment resale or leasing business. The investment tax credit promoting leasing had just ended. In the fall, the country was hit with the “Black Monday” stock market crash. By the end of October global markets had lost between 20% and 45% of their value. IBM had just introduced its PS/2 Personal Computer, and the world wide web was still two years away from being invented. Leasing was out of favor, technology was in its relative infancy, and the industry was at a low point.

The business climate was not welcoming for new entrepreneurs, but never the less, I felt that the time was right to take a chance. In fact, I believed that it was the perfect time to start the company because I’ve always seen opportunity in the unpopular. So fortified by my three guiding principles: to do what I love, follow my faith and create something on my own, I established Insight Investments at a time when we would need to work extra hard to prove ourselves.

The reward has been far greater than I could have envisioned. Insight’s lasting value has not only stood the test of time, but has fueled incredible growth and continuous success for three decades. We have gone from reselling off-lease hardware in a 400 square foot office space in 1987, to expanding our space more than 100 times over. We added a growing leasing business in the 90s and launched our highly respected IT solutions division in the 2000s.

Our cradle to grave spectrum of services that includes used equipment acquisition, custom leasing and financing, asset management, off lease portfolio management, equipment disposal, and innovative IT and security solutions, not only makes sense, but gives our customers everything they need, all in one place. Together, Insight’s divisions recommend ideal technology equipment solution, help acquire, install and finance it and then, when ready, dispose of it and help customers to continue forward, evolving for the future.

Our success and longevity are due to many factors, but most importantly the credit goes to the talented, dedicated group of employees that I am proud to call the Insight family. In recent years we’ve brought on many new experienced professionals and acquired some strategic businesses. And even as we have grown to nearly 300 strong and expanded across the country in locations such as Texas and New York, we remain a tight-knit group with clear values, deep faith and a zealous commitment to going the extra mile for our customers and each other. It is because of this, that I know we are doing something right.

Looking ahead, the next chapter for Insight is bright. We’ve recently welcomed inspiring new leaders to all areas of the business. And with change comes fresh opportunity and additional growth.

I’d like to thank each and every member of the Insight family for your ongoing contributions and commitment to our collective success. I appreciate your hard work and drive. As we continue to expand as an organization, I value your continued willingness to step outside your defined roles to get involved and go after the opportunities that matter most. It is all about ideas and execution which require the ability to both step forward and dig in. I encourage you to take the risks that will fulfill you. And always remember to stay true to your values and faith, and follow your passion. It is this that makes Insight a truly great place to work.


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